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The Summit is published quarterly by WAURISA, but it is much more than just the chapter newsletter. Our goal for The Summit is to foster the exchange of news and ideas from and for the entire Washington GIS Community.

Is The Summit intended for you? If you are a GIS professional or a GIS user in Washington State, then yes, The Summit is intended for you. If you are a manager or decision maker responsible for utilizing or implementing GIS technology in Washington State, if you are a consultant or a vendor serving the GIS community in Washington State, if you are an educator, or student, or journalist, or citizen who uses GIS in Washington, then yes, The Summit is intended for you.

We hope you find The Summit useful and informative for all you do with GIS in Washington State. To subscribe to The Summit contact the Marketing Committee at

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Summit Mission Statement

The mission of The Summit is to encourage the development and use of GIS, promote professional and ethical best practices, and advocate for the GIS profession and community in Washington State. To pursue our mission, we share information about:

  • GIS best practices, principles, technology and techniques
  • Innovations and other developments within our GIS community
  • Current activities, including:
    • GIS educational opportunities, conferences, and other resources
    • Professional work projects
    • Student papers
    • Volunteer work

The Summit also supports the activities of WAURISA and of URISA International, promotes communication, and fosters professional, collaborative relationships.

Publication Deadlines

Interested in submitting your work for publication in The Summit? Send it to the Editor for consideration. Include at least one photo or illustration, a headline, and your name as you wish it to appear.

Issue First Draft (optional) Deadline
Summer 2017 June 15, 2017 June 22, 2017
Autumn 2017 Sept 15, 2017 Sept 22, 2017

Submitting Announcements

The Summit welcomes announcements of GIS events in our community. Contact the Editor with a brief description of your announcement and the desired size.

Please submit your announcement in JPEG or PNG format.

Size Name Dimensions (Height x Width)
Full Page 9.5" x 7.5"
Half Page 4.5" x 7.5"
Quarter Page 4.5" x 3.5"

People on the Move

If you have a new hire or promotion to announce of someone who works with GIS in Washington State, send The Summit an announcement limited to no more than two sentences and 50 words.

No links to email addresses, phone numbers, or company, agency, or personal websites will be permitted. Those wishing to be listed in the 'People on the Move' section must be willing to have their email address included in the WAURISA email mailing list. The Summit reserves the right to edit or reject submissions at its discretion. Send submittals to:

The Summit is published by WAURISA. To encourage the discussion of issues and ideas of importance to the Washington GIS community we welcome letters to the editor or opinion essays. Letters to the editor should be a maximum of 100 words and essays should be limited to 500 words.

  • Chief Editor: Jacob Tully
  • Editorial Board: Jacob Tully and Greg Babinski

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