Pursuing GISP Certification

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Pursuing GISP Certification

Postby amandataub on Mon Jan 08, 2007 6:00 pm

Dear all,

I am seriously considering pursuing GISP certification this year. I have already downloaded all of the documents from the web site. For those that have pursued this, I would like to ask you some questions on your experience.

I am NOT looking for a debate on the merits or drawbacks of certification. Sorry, I will not respond to those that want to debate. If you do want to debate certification, please start another thread. Thank you for your consideration.

For those that have pursued GISP certification:

1) How difficult did you find the process?

2) What did you find difficult? Scoring points? Accumulating everything they request? Something else?

3) Do you have any hints or advice to give to someone just starting this process?

4) Have you found it valuable professionally, i.e. in terms of respect from fellow GISers, or management and/or economically?

Please feel free to respond here or e-mail me at ahstaub at yahoo.com.

Thank you all so much!

Have a great day!
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