Membership and Sponsorship Policy

Membership Policy adopted on December 13, 2005 and Revised: December 11, 2012

You can join WAURISA by going to this website

WAURISA Sponsors:

  • WAURISA Sponsorship cost is $150 per year (sponsorship runs from conference-to-conference)
  • Exception - any agency that provides a Board Member and allows use of agency facilities and/or agency/company time, gets listed on the WAURISA Web Page and in The Summit as a 'WAURISA SPONSOR.'
  • Sponsors that pay the $150 sponsorship fee get the following additional sponsorship benefits:
    • One (1) individual membership for organization employee
    • Company logo and link to company website featured on the Sponsorship section of the WAURISA website
    • Acknowledgement of support given during introduction of all WAURISA training classes and workshops held outside of the annual conference
    • Company logo and link to company website featured in each issue of The Summit quarterly online newsletter

Conference Sponsors:

  • Conference sponsorship is separate from WAURISA Sponsorship
  • Cost & Benefits to be determined annually by the Conference Committee