2012 Washington GIS Conference

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Updated: 5/30/2012

2012 Washington GIS Conference

Communicating Spatial Knowledge!

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Key Note Presentations

2012 WAURISA Conference Keynote
By Former Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer

Conference Presentations

The conference presentation can be found below. Some presentations are being worked on or need to be submitted. Please check back periodically if a presentation you are looking for is not found. Thank you very much for attending this year's WAURISA Conference!


Paper Session 1: Communicating Spatial Knowledge with Collaboration

Panel Discussion: A Tale of Twelve Cities - launching eCityGov's NWMaps.net Site

With Karl Johansen, Port Madison GIS, Inc; Brian Oevermann, City of Issaquah; Leah Llamas, City of Mercer Island; Tim Moore, City of Renton; Beth Carpenter, City of Sammamish; Xiaoning Jiang, City of Kirkland

Paper Session 2: Reporting Spatial Incidents on the Road

Reporting Snowmeggedon 2012: City of Des Moines Snow Response Tracker
By Steve Schunzel, City of Des Moines, WA

Identifying Point Concentrations Using GIS Buffer Zone Methodology
By Lona Hamilton, WSDOT

Paper Session 3: Spatial Knowledge in 3D

2011 LiDAR Acquisition Quality Control Procedures for Pierce County
By Ross Heasty, Pierce County IT/GIS

Adding Value to Your GIS with Intelligent Oblique Imagery
By Scott Faust, Pictometry International

3D GIS and the Built Environment
By Kevin DeVito, CyberCity 3D, Inc.

Paper Session 4: Vendor Presentations

Emerging Technologies for Field Data Access and Capture
By Bill Timmins, GIS Services

Mobile GIS
By Esri Staff

Paper Session 5: Enterprise GIS, Solutions, and Management

How Multiple Cities Came Together to Build a Citizen Map Browser
By Jay Clark, City of Shoreline; Mel Soares, City of Kirkland; Todd Slind, SpatialDev

URISA Helps Develop the USDOL Geospatial Management Competency
By Greg Babinski, King County GIS Center

Using ROI Methodology to Mearsure the Financial Benefits of GIS
By Greg Babinski, King County GIS Center

Paper Session 6: Spatial Knowledge on the Web

COR Maps - An Interactive GIS Web Portal
By Tim Moore and Nizar Salih, City of Renton

Pierce County's Mobile Development Platform
By Jared Erickson, Pierce County IT/GIS and Sean Grady, Pierce County IT

An Open Source Solution for Portal Authentication and Authorization
By Xuejin Ruan, Pierce County IT/GIS and Dan King,Viewpoint Computer Services.

Paper Session 7: Ecology and Hydrography

Customized GIS Models to Plan for Slipway Dredging
By Anna Yost and Steve Savage, Critigen

Designing the Coastal Atlas for the Public: Public Beaches, Shore Photos and Flood Maps, Oh My!
By Darby Veeck and Liz O'Dea, WA Dept of Ecology

Hydrography: Survey in Motion
By Starla Robinson, NOAA Ship Rainier

Paper Session 8: Vendor Presentations

How to Connect a Mapping Grade GPS Unit to a VRS
By Jim Lahm, Electronic Data Solutions

Overcoming Challenges in Deploying Esri-based Mobile & WebGIS Applications
By James van Dyk, Latitude Geographic

Paper Session 9: Sharing Spatial Information

Panel Discussion: Government's Role in Sharing Spatial Information - Data, Maps, and Services
With Joshua Greenberg and Geoff Almvig, Skagit County; Timothy D. Ford, WA State Attorney General's Office; Greg Babinski, King County GIS Center; Brandy Riche, Pierce County GIS Department

Paper Session 10: Communication GIS Knowledge

Learning from Swisstopo: Creating a Nation of Spatially Literate Citizens
By Darrel Sofield, aMAP pllc

Make Beautiful Maps, Share Them Anywhere
By Dane Springmeyer, MapBox

Paper Session 11: From Imagery to Land Cover

Vegetation Modeling with NAIP Color IR Imagery
By Chris Behee, City of Bellingham

Using ArcGIS for Landcover Classification from Landsat Imagery
By Matt Stevenson, CORE GIS

GIS Land Cover Data: From Data to Sustainability
By Sudha Maheshwari, Sanborn Map Company, Inc.


Paper Session 12: Vendor Presentation

ArcGIS Online Subscriptions - An Overview
By Scott Moore, Esri

Maximizing the WSRN for High Accuracy Mapping Data Collection
By Nick Fifarek, Geoline

Paper Session 13: State and National Enterprise GIS

Panel Discussion: The Washington State Broadband Map - From Mapping to Applications

With Will Saunders, WA State Department of Commerce; Joy Paulus, WA State Office of the Chief Information Officer; Sudha Maheshwari, Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

Support of Broadband Projects Through State Geospatial Initiatives by Joy Paulus
Producing the Washington Broadband Map: A Description of Products and Lessons Learned by Will Saunders

Paper Session 14: Cloud Computing

The Cloud Revolution: How Cloud Computing is Transforming Mapping
By Skip Cody and Benjamin Webb, Digital Map Products

Paper Session 15: Asset Management

Asset Management: Laying the Groundwork for Implementation in Thurston County
By Owen Reynolds, Thurston County Geodata Center; Ben Hoffman, Data Transfer Solutions / VUEWorks

Incorporating GIS in Your Daily Workflow Throughout Your Public Asset Management System
By Matt Harman, Azteca Systems, Inc

Paper Session 16: Vendor Presentation

ArcGIS for Local Government
By Esri Staff

Sextante Everywhere
By Karsten Vennemann

Paper Session 17: Storing GIS Knowledge in Pierce County

Are You Ready for Your Election Year? GIS Integration with DIMS-NeT Voter Registration System
Xuejin Ruan, Pierce County IT/GIS amd Mary Johnson-Hall, Pierce County Auditor's Office

Implementation of Transfer/Purchase Development Rights Program in Pierce County
Aaron Peterson, Pierce County Planning and Land Service

Paper Session 18: Mainaining Historic Information and Maps

Presentation Cancelled
Update on USGS US Topo and Historical Quadrangle Scanning Project for the Pacific Northwest
By Tom Carlson, US Geological Survey

Survey Monument Preservation and Restoration
By Dorrel Dickson, Tulalip Tribes

Paper Session 19: Dick Thomas Student Competition

Elwha River Sedimentation Impacts Assessment System
By Renee Vandermause, Mark Beggs, Marshall Kosaka, Anna Sigel, Seattle University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mapping the Cove 2 Dive Site
By Chuck Neudorf, Green River Community College

Rating Tropical Ecosystems for Biofuel Potential using GIS and Remote Sensing
By Stephan Gmur, University of Washington School of Environment and Forest Science

Marine Protection Area Ecosystem Analysis
By Brian Gilmore, Green River Community College-GIS Department

Paper Session 20: Communicating with Mapping

Mapping the Dynamic Dimension
By Xiongjiu Liao and Chuck Buzzard, Pierce County IT/GIS

Talk to Me: Using Mapping to Communicate with Citizens in the Google Era
By Skip Cody and Benjamin Webb, Digital Map Products

Mapping Secrets Unveiled: Top Mapping Faux Pas and How to Aviod Them
By Annie Schwab and Skip Cody, Digital Map Products

Paper Session 21: Census

On the Road to 2020
By Michaellyn Garcia, US Census Bureau

Paper Session 22: Public Safety

Pre-Incident Planning Using GIS
By Chris Rogers, Kirkland Fire Department

GIS Integration in the Next Generation 911
By Dan Miller, E911 GIS Manager, Washington Military Department/E911 Program Office

Travel Network QC Tips and Tricks
By Donna Wendt, Wendt GIS