2011 Washington GIS Conference

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Updated: 5/12/2011

2011 Washington GIS Conference

Mapping Washington's Future!

The full conference program is available.

Conference Presentations

The conference presentation can be found below. Some presentations are being worked on or need to be submitted. Please check back periodically if a presentation you are looking for is not found. Thank you very much for attending this year's WAURISA Conference!


Paper Session 1: Mapping Washington's Future

Implementing the State's GIS Business Plan: Enterprise GIS Program and Shared Access to Geospatial Data
By Joy Paulus, WA State GIS Coordinator

Panel Discussion: Mapping Washington’s Future
With Joy Paulus, WA State GIS Coordinator; Ian Von Essen, Spokane County GIS Manager; Scot McQueen, GeoEngineers; Greg Babinski, King County GIS Center; Kirsty Burt, Kirsty Burt GIS; Charlie Spear, City GIS Coordinator for City of Seattle

Paper Session 2: LiDAR

Using LiDAR to Interpret Landslide Kinematics and Sediment Yield
By Rodney Cope, Eagle Mapping Inc. and Paul Pittman, Element Solutions

Current Topics in Open Source LiDAR
By Michael P. Gerlek, Flaxen Geo Consulting

Paper Session 3: Disaster Response

Disaster Response in the Gulf of Mexico -- ERMA
By Aaron Racicot, NOAA -- ORR

Paper Session 4: Mapping Washington's Future

Mapping Washington's Future Involving K-12 Students
By Karen Dvornich, College of the Environment, UW; Diane Petersen and Justin Grillo, Teachers; Ethan Peterson, Grade 5, Lexi Deishl, Grade 5, Miles Mittelstaedt, Grade 5, Zak Kruger, Grade 9, Waterville Elementary School, WA

The New Esri K-12 Washington State Site License
By Heather Glock, Esri

Interactive Presenting, Using ArcGIS to Present Information to an Audience
By Kelly Alfaro Haugen, Thurston County GeoData Center

Paper Session 5: Surface Water

The NHD: What is it and What Can it Do for You?
By Dan Saul and Liz O'Dea, WA State Dept. of Ecology

Moving from "Whatchamacallit" to a Standard Naming Convention for Surface Water Assets
by Elaine Eberly, Scott Reese, and Holli Brandt, GISP, Seattle Public Utilities

Paper Session 6: Municipal Data Management

Tips and Tricks for Automating GIS Maintenance with Python
By Ann Stark, GISP, and Brian Small, City of Bellingham

Municipal Reporter Incident Management
By Jim Lahm, Electronic Data Solutions

Paper Session 7: Vendor Presentations

3D Mobile Scanning & Imaging for GIS
By Richard Hill, The PPI Group

Advancements in High-Accuracy Data Collection Using Handheld GIS Devices
By Bryce Freed, GeoLine, Inc.

Paper Session 8: 2010 Census

2010 Census Data Release and Current Geographic Programs
By Michaellyn Garcia, US Census Bureau

Illustrating Growth Trends with US Census Data
By Chris Behee, GISP, City of Bellingham

Paper Session 9: Natural Resources and Wildlife

Mapping Floods, Damage, Development, and Habitat for the National Wildlife Federation
By Matt Stevenson, CORE GIS

Depicting Yakima Basin Stream Discharge and Spring Chinook Out-migration with Linear Referencing and Time Animation
By Paul Huffman, Yakama Nation Fisheries

An Agent-Based Species and Habitat-Specific Population Effects Model
By Craig Hanson, Windward Environmental LLC

Paper Session 10: FME and Python

FME for Spatial Processing
by Jim O'Leary, City of Vancouver, Canada

Python Productivity for FME (Additional Information)
By Jim O'Leary, City of Vancouver, WA

Paper Session 11: Vendor Presentations

ArcGIS for Local Government
By Matthieu Denuelle, Esri

King County GIS Data To Go!
By Mike Leathers, King County GIS Center Data


Paper Session 12: GIS Data Best Practices

Land Information System Redesign: Designing and Building the Ultimate Parcel and Address Repository
By Ann Boyd and Magen Michaud, City of Bellevue

Mobile GIS Interactive Mapping: Utilizing Esri's Flex API for ArcGIS Server
By Joe Wong, Critigen

Paper Session 13: Survey and Mapping

Managing Survey Control with GIS
By Don Burdick, City of Bellingham

Similar GIS and Survey Maps Have Completely Different Purposes
By Tim Griffin, PLS, Tyee Surveyors and Holly Glaser, GISP, MappaMundiGIS

Mapping Inside: Creating a Floor Plan GIS
By Jeffrey Linn and Eric Darst, UW Office of Planning and Budgeting

Paper Session 14: Environmental Growth and Modeling

Modeling Future Growth: An Introduction to the Envision Skagit 2060 Project
By Joshua Greenberg, Skagit County

Monitoring Seattle, Olympia and Tacoma Forest Canopies Using Object-Based Image Analysis
By Dr. L. Monika Moskal and Diane M. Styers, University of Washington

Paper Session 15: GIS Solutions

GeoCollaboration and Mobile GIS Solutions
By Brad Tatham, GIS Services

openbasemap.org -- A Project of your Local Open Source GIS Group -- CUGOS
By Aaron Racicot, Z-Pulley Inc.

Development Considerations for ArcGIS Desktop Add-Ins
By David A. Howes, Integral GIS, In

Paper Session 16: Vendor Presentations

The Oblique Image and its Benefit to E911 & NG911
By Scott Faust, Pictometry

Forge Apps Philosophy
By Kirk van Gorkom, Forge Apps

Fully Leverage Your GIS to Manage Municipal Infrastructure
By Josh Stroessner, City Works | Azteca Systems, Inc.

Paper Session 17: Emergency Services

Data Design and Auditing Addresses for an Emergency Dispatch Travel Network
By Donna Wendt, Wendt GIS

Incident Level Symbology
By Chris Rogers, Kirkland Fire Department

Near Real Time Data Collection for Emergency Management
By Eric Drenckpohl, Port of Seattle

Paper Session 18: Cartography

Getting Your 3D Data Onto Your 2D Paper Printout
By Craig Hanson, Windward Environmental LLC

Tourist Map Production Using GIS and Desktop Publishing Software
By Julieanne Fogde, Washington State DOT

Cartographic Standards and Practice in Academic Journals
By Robert Norheim, University of Washington

Paper Session 19: Environmental GIS

CALweedmapper -- Mapping the Spread of Invasive Plant Species
By Karsten Vennemann, TerraGIS Ltd.

Using Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology to Track Post-Dredge Monitoring Data in the East Waterway of the Lower Duwamish Waterway
By Michael T. Yarns, Windward Environmental LLC

Defining the Wildland-Urban Interface for Wildfire Hazard at Different Spatial Scales
By Shea McDonald, Dwight Barry, Peninsula College, and Chris DeSisto, NFS

Paper Session 20: Dick Thomas Student Competition

Washington's Geothermal Potential: A Comprehensive Analysis
By Korrie Holmes, Green River Community College

Mapping Restoration in the Puget Sound
By Alex Wallace, Suzanne Tomlinson, Kathryn Webb, and Joseph Tetteh, University of Washington Continuing Education

A Delineation Model for Watershed Analysis
By Dave Schoenfeld, Green River Community College

Predicting the Impacts of Sea Level Rise in the Puget Sound Region
By Kristan Blackhart and Jon Medlin, University of Washington

Assessing Designated Forestland Market Value
By Robbie Andrus, Trevor Wong University of Washington Continuing Education

Paper Session 21: Vendor Presentations

By Latitude Geographics

The New Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 Handheld GPS Mapping System
By Jim Lahm, Electronic Data Solutions

Paper Session 22: Resource Management & Transportation

A Time Aware GIS System for Managing Winter Transportation Operations
By Julieanne Fogde, Washington State DOT

Zen and the Art of GIS Program Coordination -- The Community Transit Experience
By Jeff Anderson, Community Transit

Sustainable Asset Management
By Gregg Selby, Weston Solutions, Inc.

Paper Session 23: Managing and Developing GIS

ROI: King County Measures the Benefits of GIS
By Greg Babinski, King County GIS Center

Collaboration for GIS Development
By Don Burdick, City of Bellingham, and Kirk Van Gorkom, Forge Apps

Paper Session 24: GIS Applications for Utilities & Planning

Emerging Applications at Seattle Public Utilities
By Stephen Beimborn, Harvey Arnone and Dana Trethewy Seattle Public Utilities

Developing an Interactive Map to Show the Use of Transferable Development Rights in King County, WA
By Michael Murphy and Harkeerat Kang, King County Dept. of Natural Resources and Parks

Paper Session 25: Vendor Presentations

Putting Open Source Geospatial Software to Work for Your GIS Tasks
By Karsten Vennemann, TerraGIS Ltd.

Leveraging ArcGIS Server 10 to Streamline the Permitting Workflow
By Lauren Sullivan, CRW Systems, Inc.