The Washington State Chapter of URISA (WAURISA) strives to show accomplishments of professionals in the GIS community of Washington state along with working with students who are looking into a career in the GIS field.

The Summit Award

The Summit Award is presented during the annual Washington GIS Conference for highest contributions by an individual to the Washington State GIS Community.

Criteria for the Summit Award:

  1. The nominee has changed the GIS profession in some "significant way."
  2. The nominee shall have been practicing the profession for at least 10 years within Washington State.
  3. The nominee shall have made a significant contribution to the GIS profession and community in Washington State.
  4. The person should be known for their excellent work and successful projects in the GIS field.
  5. The nominee should have volunteered significant time for the GIS profession and community in Washington State.
  6. The nominee should not be a current WAURISA board member.

Summit Award Recipients

  • 2017 - Ann Stark - City of Bellingham
  • 2016 - Chuck Buzzard - Pierce County
  • 2015 - Joy Paulus - State of Washington
  • 2014 - Sabah Jabbouri - Green River Community College
  • 2013 - Karl Johansen
  • 2012 - Greg Babinski - King County
  • 2011 - Tom Nolan - City of Seattle
  • 2010 - Ian Von Essen - Spokane County
  • 2009 - Marty Balikov - ESRI
  • 2008 - Mike Onzay - City of Mercer Island
  • 2007 - Donna Wendt - City of Tacoma
  • 2006 - Nancy Hultquist - Central Washington University, Geography Dept.
  • 2005 - Geoff Almvig - Skagit County
  • 2004 - Linda Gerull - Pierce County
  • 2003 - Richard "Dick" Thomas - Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District

Richard 'Dick' Thomas Memorial Student Presentation Competition & Award

Previous First Place Winners

Poster/Map Contest

Among many activites at the annual conference we also include a Poster/Map Contest. This is a great oppurtunity to showcase GIS maps that have been produced by the members. Past Categories include Current Events, Innovation in Analyses / Information Presentation, Specific Field or Application (e.g. transportation, public services, utilities, etc.),Cartographic Excellence and the popular People’s Choice